Challenging Homelessness. Changing Lives.

Focus Ireland

We are proud to support Focus Ireland with the wonderful work they undertake.

Focus Ireland is driven by the fundamental belief that homelessness is wrong; it makes victims out of ordinary people, and robs them of their potential. But most importantly they know that it is homelessness preventable and that there are solutions.

Over 30 years of experience and deep listening to those that use their services has led Focus Ireland to devise a three year strategy that will tackle the root causes of homelessness.

As part of this strategy Focus Ireland have committed to centre their efforts in two core areas:

  1. Preventing people from becoming homeless in the first place
  2. And, ensuring those who are homeless have help to stay in their home once they have found one.

To deliver this ambitious strategy Focus Ireland needs supports from companies like ours and we are delighted to be able to play our part. We know that our support, and the support of others, allows Focus Ireland and staff to be there when people need vital support and for someone to listen and to let them know there is help available.

Please visit Focus Ireland for more information

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