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Save The Boss - Team Building Event

Your group gathers at a chosen location oblivious to the drama that is about to unfold. Suddenly, there is excitement at the door, something's happened - everyone to the function room. A stillness falls on the room as a video flickers to life.

The 'Don' is sitting sullenly at the table. Growling, he starts to mention names of people who are out to get him, especially 'The Boss'! With that, the video cuts to a scene with the Boss being bundled into a car... that'll show him...

Bang! A shot rings out and the 'Don' lies dead! The doors to the room where everyone is standing then burst open and in arrive our actor(s) with guns blazing and the night kicks off.

An investigator of international repute just happens to be in town catching up with an old flame at the hotel....What are the chances??? Hopefully we are not too late to 'Save The Boss'.....

Save The Boss will take approx 90 minutes. If we have 20 - 25 people normally 1 person will do it, over that number we will use two 

Works especially well if 'The Boss' is up for a bit of fun.actors.    Key to the event, is getting background information on key staff who will be present as they are used as part of the story and are amongst the names listed by the Don.  

PS. No bosses are ever hurt in the making of their screen debut... not deliberately anyway!

Location: Ambassador Hotel

Price: from €30.00 per person for the event.  

Additional Pre-event filming €200.00 and venue hire at chosen event venue.

Duration: 90 minutes

Please contact us on 021 4539000 or email for package options such as:-

  • Team Building, Dinner and Accommodation
  • Team Building and Dinner
  • Rates from €99 room only available

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